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What Kinds of Drying Racks exist???

In this article, the different kinds of and the best drying rack of every category get explained. Because there are many kinds and each of them have advantages and disadvantages which are crucial to know!

All the Kinds of Drying Racks and Clothes Horses

Wing Dryers

These are a true classic under the drying racks. Unfolded they provide huge drying length and folded they don´t need much space. Big laundry pieces can be layed on a wing dryer without the need to fold the laundry – Good especially for blankets or sheets.
Folded Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack household essentials Folded, the Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack for example is indeed very small

A weak point are the hinges. When of metal, the danger is there that they will rust and make unpleasant noises and the clothes horse is harder to fold. A prominent drying rack with wings is the Honey-Can-Do-DRY Gullwing.

Wall Dryers

Pegasus V Duo clothes horse drying rack

This position is better for drying long clothes

A space-saving alternative, which is applied especially on the balkony and in the bath above the bath tube.

In principle, it´s mostly comparable to a adjustable towell holder, so it needs much less space than an average clothes drying rack. But be carefull: Some models are very tight foldable because of their accordion-like contruction – but also vulnerable to rust. Then you will have a problem folding them, so look out for plastic racks in this case.
Perfectly suited for hand towels, socks or other small pieces.

Tower Dryers

They are a good mix between convenient drying length and space saving. Okay, you will have a problem to place more than one wash load on a tower dryer. But otherwise, it fits perfectly on a balcony and in every corner and can be dragged easily – in most cases – when it starts to rain. Some models are also good shelves or even intended to also be used as a wardrobe.

If you went out for swimming and want to dry small pieces like your bikini, a tower dryer is the perfect companion. But bigger pieces like sheets are not made for a tower-like clothes horse…
dry clothes Leifheit Star 21 clothes horse The Star 21 Tower dryer is especially great for long clothes like trousers

Bath Tube Dryers

Leifheit Pegasus V Duo bath tube dryer

You don´t need your bath tube? Use it for drying clothes!

These specialist are constructed – as you can image – for placing them over the bath tube, but you can also attach them to your wash bowl.
Because they are above a basin where water does no harm, they are very well suited for soaking wet clothes like things you cannot tumble dry or swimming clothes. Models like the Pegasus V Duo have a middle-high drying length and can be adjusted to many places.

The Rotary Dryer

Buy Drying rack help tips clothes horse

Such a rotary dryer can carry much

Garden-owners attention please! Who calls enough space in the garden or in the cellar his own, should use a rotary dryer.
They have a huge drying length for at least 2 wash loads and can be folded afterwards easily. But you should attach them to the ground firmly in concrete, because it can get windy outside and these drying racks present a big target to the wind.

A Heated Drying Rack

The luxurious alternative to a normal drying rack is a heated clothes drying rack. They don´t need that much space and dry very fastly when heated. You could ask, why not use a tumble dryer instead and that´s a good question. Here is the answer: A tumble dryer is not well suited for sensitive clothes and can produce wrinkles also on other clothes. With a normal drying rack, sensitive laundry like wool would take eternal to dry. But on a heated clothes drying rack, you won´t get wrinkles and dry things like wool fastly nevertheless.

P.S.: It´s also a good radiator in the winter;)