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What to do if the drying rack falls over?

drying rack outside falls over

This is also a good technique to prevent falling drying racks… but looks odd

If you set up your drying rack outside you will know the problem: It keeps falling over. Especcially on windy days it can get very annoying. Here you get some helpful drying tricks and tips on how to tie your drying rack to help drying your laundry in your garden or on your balcony. The best thing is: You do not need to buy anything for it!

Herrings or Tent Pegs

Everybody has been camping the one or the other time and knows herrings. Get out your camping gear and find some – 4 are enough. Just attach them to your drying rack with the help of some cord and put them in the ground. Make sure that the cord is unter tension. It is also possible to leave out the cord and attach the herings between ground and drying rack directly.

clothesline between posts

A clothesline between two stable posts is also a good way to keep everything save

Even easier: A cord between the wings

The wings are the parts of the drying rack that are the most vulnerable to wind. Clothes horses like the gullwing version of the honey-can-do-dry tend to fall especially if you attached coat hangers at the wings. Get them a bit more upright and tie them together with a strong cord. Like that your clothes horse is more aerodynamic and won´t fall over that easily.

Have suggestions? Just post your tricks in the comments! How to you make your laundry drying rack wind-proof?