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Leifheit Pegasus V Duo: Ahoi!

Leifheit Pegasus V Duo

Leifheit Pegasus V Duo

Drying Performance






            • - Very flexible
            • - Good for soaking wet laundry
            • - Very compact to fold


            • - Nothing for heavy laundry like wet jeans
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            „V“ like … The Pegasus V Duo

            Another child of the Pegasus-family is the V Duo. It is thought for the bathtube, but can also be placed on the floor when the bathtube is needed.
            Because he is thought as a clothes horse that saves space, you should classify it as a tower dryer. If the space saver Pegasus V Duo is worth byuing hit, will show this article.

            Dimensions & Data

            Wheight:ca 4 pounds
            Item Model Number:81702
            Drying length:up to 62 feet

            How the Pegasus V Duo dryes

            You can´t dry that much laundry on the Pegasus V Duo – for that it is to compact and the clothes hang to tight together. But for one washing charge it is definitely ok.
            But for that malus, you have a huge advantage: Laundry, that can´t be tumble dryed because it is to sensitive, like wool or silk for example, can be dryed as wet as it is on the Pegasus V Duo – as it can drip into the bathtube.
            Also, the lines for drying mostly are constructed in multiple shelves over each other like in the Pegasus Tower 190. Wet laundry would drip on another. Thats not the case with the Pegasus V Duo. Click here for more info.


            The main feature on the Pegasus V Duo is it´s flexibility: You can adjust it on every bathtube, no matter how the measurements are.
            Also you can stabilize it through halving it: Then it has just little 31.5 feet length instead of the original 62 feet, but fits on even the smallest bathtube or sink. Dragging is also easier then.

            Tipp: If the laundry has to get dry very fast and is not that heavy, you can also lean one half at the wall. Than the space for every item to dry is larger. Pay attention that in that case it does not stand heavy cases.

            Pegasus V Duo clothes horse drying rack

            This position is better for drying long clothes


            Mounting fortunately is very easy. Just bend the legs like you need them, 16 different positions possible. Then fix the legs with the help of two handles. Now the Pegasus V Duo stabil stands stable on every bathtube.

            Conclusion: The Pegasus V Duo

            For people with less space or laundry that is too sensitive for tumble dry, this drying rack is a great invention. But 2 washing charges will need time to get dry… The Pegasus V Duo is no test winner, but the best choice for all the people who want to dry their laundry over the bathtube!
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