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The Leifheit Pegasus 200 Deluxe

Leifheit Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile

Leifheit Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile

Drying Performance






            • - Nice wheels
            • - Small Items Holder
            • - Coat hangers hang stable
            • - Narrow Simensions


            • - Price-Performance could be better
            • - Relatively small drying length
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            High Society: The Leifheit Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile

            We already had the lower class version tested, the Leifheit Pegasus 150. Today we have an eye on the higher class and higher price version, the Leifheit Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile. Let´s have a look, if it´s worth buying it.

            Dimensions & Data

            Dimensions:Height :41 inches
            height Expanded:35 inches
            width:27 inches
            length:67 inches
            Weight:ca 6 pounds
            Item Model Number:81517
            Drying length:65.5 feet

            The Contest

            First the differences and similiarities between the Pegasus 150 and the Leifheit Pegasus 200 Deluxe:

            Leifheit Pegasus 150Leifheit Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile
            Kleinteilehalter:  22
            Drying length:  50 feet65.5 feet
            Feet:  Plastik FeetWheels 360 degrees adjustable
            Attachements:   5 wind-proof coat hanger, 2 hangers and a bag for clothes pegs
            Warranty:  3 years3 years

            Does the Leifheit Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile win?

            As you can see, the Leifheit Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile has some more features than the 150. For example, the drying length is nearly 15 feet higher – All in all, the Pegasus 200 deluxe mobile has a drying lenght of 65.5 feet. That should reach for 2 washing charges, but more likely for washing charges that consist of small clothes.
            It also has more additional features. But how does the Pegasus 200 work? Click here for product detailsof the Pegasus

            The Wheels

            As you can see on the image, the Leifheit Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile comes with two wheels with 360° swivel:

            The wheels are well thought over – if you don´t move the drying rack, it won´t role on it´s own. Because the wheels don´t touch the ground when you don´t tilt it. And if you want to move it, the wheels let you forget the weight of the clothes horse with clothes hanging on it easily. Click here for more info.

            Further Features

            The bag for clothes pegs is not such a big help – it is hard to attach und very small.
            In contradiction the coat hangers fit perfect to the outer clothes lines. So coat hangers falling down aren´t possible anymore.
            Thanks to the small pieces holder, socks and similiar items are easy to attach – no more time consuming fumbling, which completes the drying rack offer. Is that enough to make it a justified bestseller?

            Conclusion: The Leifheit Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile

            The 200 Deluxe just has small cons, like the drying length which is a bit soo small. Nevertheless especially the additional features are convincing thanks to wind strength, two practical wheels small pieces holder. Buy it and try it.
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