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The Leifheit Pegasus 150 Drying Rack

Leifheit Pegasus 150

Leifheit Pegasus 150

Drying Performance






            • - Stable
            • - Very compact
            • - Lightweight
            • - Narrow Dimensions


            • - Price a bit high
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            Can the Leifheit Pegasus 150 fly away from it´s Competitors?

            In this article, the Leifheit Pegasus 150 will be checked precisely to solve the question: Should you buy this drying rack at all? At least here you have a clothes horse, that is very popular in europe, but let´s see if it meets American standards. And is it worth it´s price?

            Maße & Daten

            Dimensions Expanded:Height Middle:2.8 feetHeight Wings:3.5 feetWidth:1.8 feet
            Maße Unexpanded:Height:4.2 feetDepth:2 inchesWidth:1.8 feet
            Wheight:About 6 pounds
            Model Number:81570
            Drying length:49 feet

            First things first: The Leifheit Pegasus 150 is very narrow. 1.8 Feet fit through every door, which makes it practical to move it between rooms.

            The long wings have enough height to carry long clothes without them lying to the floor.

            But is there enough space for wet clothes with the relatively small size of the Leifheit Pegasus 150? The small items holder is supposed to outweigh the small drying length of 49 feet, because you don´t have to waste space with items like socks or undies.
            Folded this drying rack is with very small with 4.2 feet x 1.8 feet x 2 inches. Click here for more specifications.

            What does this drying rack dry?

            With a drying length of 49 feet the Leifheit Pegasus 150 kann dry something like 2 washing charges. Besides it is high enough also in the middle to dry long things like jeans or shirts.


            The white legs are stable and have non-slip feet. Ok, non-slip is not very important for a drying rack when it is heavy loaded at all. But at least the feet produce a nice design on the clothes horse.
            The legs of the Leifheit Pegasus 150 are stable but you shouldn´t mount it outside that often because of rust danger. More info on rust and Leifheit drying racks.

            Making the difference: The Small Items Holder

            The Small Items Holder is thought for laundry like socks or underwear and save space for big issues like bulky bedding and coats. The best thing: You can easily clip the small items like shown in the next picture. So you don´t have to fumble them on the lines again:

            Conclusion: The Leifheit Pegasus 150

            The Considerations concerning the small dimensions of this drying rack were unfounded: The small items holder outweighs it. The Leifheit Pegasus 150 is a clothes horse of good quality, the price of 60 dollar a bit high. Also big pieces find place on it.
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