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How to dry your Laundry Properly

hang laundry properly

Hang your laundry properly!

Normal drying racks have one disadvantage: They need more time to dry your laundry than tumble dryers or heated drying racks, even if you have choosen the best drying rack for your needs. But with our tips on how to dry laundry properly drying works waaaay faster and it goes easier on your laundry than machine drying. For all the individual pieces we have another article on how to dry each piece properly.

If possible, dry your laundry outdoors

Fresh air is perfect for your laundry! On the one hand, the wind outside helps drying faster. But more importantly, there won´t be a musty smell in your clothes, but a fresh nice smell. Keep in mind to get a place with a roof, so sudden rain won´t ruin a hole machine load.

Tip: Colored pieces get dryed more effectively under direct sunlight, because the UV-Rays bleach out stains. Not recommend for dark clothes though, same is true for towels and other material made of terry, as these get very rough then.
long pieces hang laundry

Long pieces profitize the most from hanging outside

On the balcony or the community garden

Alternatively, you can hang your clothes on the balcony or in the communal garden. Make sure to ask before hanging clotheslines in some areas! Especially in the community garden some landlords do not allow it because of aesthetic reasons or so. On your own balcony or garden are good to go though!

The best conditions for hanging

Which time of day is the best? You should you choose the morning, since the air is not moist and will get moist again in the late afternoon – enough time for you. In addition, a light breeze is very important: That straightens your laundry smoothly so you won´t have wrinkles!

While hanging remember: Each garment should first be shaken and pulled apart to avoid wrinkling. Important especially for jeans.