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Honey-Can-Do-DRY Gullwing

Honey-Can-Do-DRY Gulwing

Honey-Can-Do-DRY Gulwing

Drying Performance






            • - Very Stable
            • - Shoes holder
            • - Thick lines
            • - Folded very flat
            • - Nice Price-Performance


            • - Drying length not that big
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            Everyone wants it – The Honey-Can-Do-DRY

            The most sold wing dryer on Amazon – Let´s have a look, if it´s really worth buying it.
            The Honey-Can-Do-DRY comes in two variations: Gullwing, with one wing and with an X-Frame. We would definitely advise the Gullwing version, because it has more drying length and is more flexible. So that´s why we have an eye on the Gullwing version of the Honey-Can-Do-DRY.

            Dimensions & Data

            Dimensions:Height :3.5 inches
            height Expanded:39 inches
            width:24 inches
            length: 59 inches
            Weight:7.9 pounds
            Item Model Number:DRY-01610
            Drying length:46 feet

            What is special about the Honey-Can-Do-DRY Gullwing?

            The Honey-Can-Do-DRY Gullwing just has one wing which spares space. But because of that the drying length is also less. The drying length is not the biggest… 46 feet are ok for one washing load.
            Because it is a wing Dryer, the Gullwing gives much more drying space than the usual accordion dryers and dryes the laundry much faster.
            Note: There is also a stainless steel version of this wing dryer on Amazon.


            The Honey-Can-Do-DRY Gullwing solves two typical problems of wing dryers:

            • The lines are very thick so they won´t hang through after a long time like it is the case with many other drying racks.
            • The wing and the base is supported by two extra arms so the drying rack stays stable and doesn´t tilt when you hang heavy clothes on one side.


            When you fold it, the Honey-Can-Do-DRY Gullwing is only 3.5 inches flat – so it fits under every bed. You can also remove the shoe holders to gain extra drying space for underwear or socks.
            The arm is adjustable into 6 positions – not really needed…

            Other Interesting Features

            A very good and unique feature are the shoe holders. They dry 2 pair of shoes without taking space that would be used for clothes otherwise.
            Also, the Honey-Can-Do-DRY Gullwing has a place for lying clothes flat as they are to reduce wrinkles.Here you find the HoneyCanDo Youtube-Presentation:

            Conclusion: The Honey-Can-Do-DRY Gullwing

            This drying rack is very popular – and not for nothing. Ok, the drying length is not the biggest, but you can hang shoes on it and lie clothes flat. Thanks to the extra arms and thick lines it is very stable. It also has a trustworthy limited lifetime warranty. The Honey-Can-Do-DRY Gullwing – Definitely worth buying!
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