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Useful Additional Equipment for Drying your Clothes

Nice Add-Ons that make everything easier

addiotional euqipment drying clothes

Clothes pegs are a true classic in terms of addiotional euqipment

With these helpful tips, drying your laundry will get way more convenient and faster:

Clothes Pegs

clothes peg bag

A clothes peg bag keeps all these clothes pegs together

If you get your clothes pegs, make sure they have stable springs made of steel. Even more important is that the part of the peg that touches your items is very soft and big – so it is less likely to leave marks on your clothes. Also they should not consist of plastic, but of wood or even steel because the kind of materials don´t break.

Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile

The Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile come with a small pieces holder

Clothes Peg Bag

A Clothes Peg Bag is applyed to some drying racks so you can get out the pegs quick and easy if needed. Especially Leifheit uses those bags. This kind of equipment also comes with the Leifheit Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile, as well as stable coat hangers and a small pieces holder.

The Laundry Basket

A laundry basket should be big and lightweight. But it should also be pretty stable, as a washing load of wet cotton for example can weigh up to 100 pounds! The handles should be soft and ergonomic. Better than plastic is polyester fabric for laundry baskets.

The Linen bin or Clothes-chest

The linen bin is not to be mixed with the laundry basket. A linen bin helps you to keep dirty clothes in one place and also to move it to your washing machine. Some clothes chests are also made for sitting on them, so it saves space for a chair. Anyway, a linen bin should have some holes for getting some fresh air in. Thy mostly consist of plastic, but here stainless steel is better to garantee stability.

Small pieces holder

A small pieces holder safes you much time and hustle, as it is more ergonomic than attaching socks and such separately. Because drying racks like the Leifheit Pegasus 200 Deluxe have a special unit for these small items. This saves you time and space, because you just clip in socks, underwear and such. Allways hang the pieces at the tip, not at the waistband.

Cloth for sensible clothes

As already shown in our article on drying each piece of clothes the right way, a cloth for lying items on is very important for sensible fabrics like clothes of cotton or silk. Some drying racks have special shelves for it where you can put this special cloth. This way, you won´t get any marks on your items from a surface with grooves or such.

Clothes lines

You can have clothes lines as an extandable role and you´re supposed to cut out just the length you need. Don´t use transparent ones though, cause they are easy to overlook and you could walk into it…