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How to buy the right drying rack

Criteria that are to be obeyed when you want to buy a drying rack

Often a cheap price is the best incentive, but not the best option. The cheapest products are often sent back and what remains of their existence is an angry Customer Review.
Better learn from the faults of others with this analysis of the most common faults to buy the best drying rack for your needs.

A few Costumers who have to buy 2 times:

Amazon-User „Ruettger“ writes:

As a test I hang a dry leather jacket on a wing, through which the wing bent very hard. To me it is ridiculous, how it will be with several shirts or trousers. Furthermore the drying rack is very small. You have to pay attention that the laundry doesn´t lie on the ground.

  • Are the clothes lines of thin plastic? Then you will have the problem that lines are bending very fast. Clothes lines have to be thick enough, when of plastic to hold the laundry.
  • Also the height of the wings should be obeyed, otherwise for example shirts on a coat hanger will polish the floor…

Amazon-User „Paul Selker“ schreibt:

Unfortunately I trusted the drying length in the product description – And why not? But when measuring it on my one, it was much less! Truly awefull!

  • When you live as a single it is not that important, but otherwise: Pay attention to the drying length!
  • The drying length should always be written in the description. If not the case, forget it, you don´t need to buy that drying rack

Amazon-User in SpeedyMaus schreibt:

The clothes line are higher than written in the description. As I am small by myself I have problems to hang the laundry without stretching me. Also the the drying rack can´t be folded that well.

Further things to think of when you buy a drying rack

  • When you didn´t see our page and therefore maybe bought the wrong drying rack which broke: Often you have a warranty of several years up to lifetime warranty
  • When you buy a drying rack, think of the utility space, when you don´t have that much space