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Drying each piece of clothes just the right way!

There huge differences between jeans, jumpers, socks and beddings in terms of drying them properly. Here are the most important individual hints and all the best drying rack practices.

pieces of clothes differences

As clothes and materials vary, your technique should vary

This is true for all your clothes: Shake and stretch them a little bit before hanging, so no wrinkles stay on your beloved items.

Tricks and Hints for your Laundry Items

Socks and other small items

Some drying racks, like the Leifheit Pegasus 200 Deluxe for example, have a special unit for small items. This saves you time and space, because you just clip in socks, underwear and such. Allways hang the pieces at the tip, not at the waistband.

Clothes of cotton or silk

They are the most sensible. Don´t hang them, lay them down or they go baggy. Establish them on an even surface with no grooves, even a table or chair. It will take longer to dry then, I know, but you won´t have any marks on your items. Some drying racks also have special shelves for it or a special cloth. The popular drying rack Honey-Can-Do-DRY Gullwing has such a shelve with cloth.

Trousers and Skirts

jeans trousers shorts skirt hang

For hanging jeans, keep an eye on the waistband

Just lay the waistband a bit over the clothes line or rod, then apply a clothes peg on each side. Long trousers should be handled in a different way: Dry them upside down, so the waistband and the pockets can dry much faster, because they are not squeezed between the pegs or at the line. Not valid for thin materials.

Shirts and Longsleeves

t-shirts longsleeves hanging

T-Shirts and longsleeves are pretty easy to maintain

Also dry them upside down! Just like for trousers, but be careful with thin material. Apply clothes pegs at the waistbands only, because they leave marks elsewhere.

Shirts, blouses, jackets and dresses

Shirts blouses jackets dresses

Shirts, blouses, jackets and dresses are more sensible

shirts clothes hangers

Just the right way: Shirts belong on clothes hangers

Here you have to keep an eye on the shoulders: Clothes hangers are the best way to do that.

Beddings in wind direction

Beddings should be placed in a way, that the wind blows directly into them. This way you cannot get any wrinkles and your sheets and so on dry faster. Make sure to use enough clothes pegs!

If clothes pegs left marks on some pieces of your laundry, rub the areas with marks a little bit, and chances are good they vanish!