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The Drying Rack Guide

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Tips on how to handle drying racks – if possible don´t hang your clothes that tight…

For what do I need a Drying Rack Guide for?

Some people think buying a clothes horse would be nothing special and buy just the cheapest offer. Then the drying rack gets a pain in their ass because it always folds itself or gets rust.
That can be prevented with a drying rack guide like this one. Some detailled examples for good but also bad drying racks can be found here.

Keep an Eye on the Utility Space

Most importantly: How much space is affordable? If you can place the drying rack in the garden or a big living room you do not have to care about that. But who just has a small bathroom or sleeping room for settng his cothes horse, will need an accordion dryer like the Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack of Household Essentials. These just need about 10 feet². As a trade-off, you will need more time for drying your clothes.

Workmanship: Plastic Fantastic!

Like described in the tips & help section for drying racks, the lines shouldn´t be of pure steel, but of plastic. Latter are more lightweight and don´t corrode. Similar for the hinges: When of plastic, they won´t squeak like in a horror movie. The ancles have to be thick nevertheless to provide a stable hinge even when they are of plastic.


Construction should be easy because you use your clothes horse several times in a week. Some multiple tier drying racks need something like an own drying rack guide, because they are tortuous to build up. Pay attention for too many parts when deciding for a drying rack.

Drying Rack Guide – Other Important Points

  • Urgent is that the clothes lines aren´t to tight to each other Otherwise hanging the laundry will be fumbling the laundry and it won´t get dry that fast because the clothes hang to close
  • Folded, the clothes horse should be not that high, like the Honey-Can-Do-Dry Gullwing, which has just 3.5 inches when beeing folded.
  • Drying racks like the Pegasus 150 have plastic feet, others do not. If you want to pull your drying rack through your rooms, it is better to ohne with when you have a sensitive wooden floor or something.
  • Last but not least: The drying length should be above 50 feet to get much laundry dry in one run