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Check-List for getting the Right Drying Rack

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Checks and Hacks

This Check-List ist important when considering a new Drying Rack. Just check it before you Rack it!

The Space Question

First of all, consider how much time you have: If less, choose an electric dryer like the Avanti Tumble Dryer.
If you have more space, a wing clothes horse is better because it dries much faster. If you don´t have that much space, a tower dryer like the Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack is a good choice. With just a tiny corner available, maybe you should look around for a coat hanger.

  • The clothes drying rack should not consist of plain metal: Rust Danger! Better is an additional anti-rust layer or stable plastic.
  • Furthermore, the hinges should not be vulnerable to rust. Otherwise the clothes horse will be hard to unfold after a while, because the hinges don´t open that easily.
  • Even more important: The Drying length of the drying rack.

    The higher the drying length, the more clothes can be dryed. 65 feet are ok for two laundry loads.
  • If you consider a wing clothes horse, their height is also important. This popular clothes drying rack should be high enough to carry a to a hanger attached shirt so that it doesn´t touch the ground.
  • Also the space between the single lines plays an important role. Because when you have a big drying rack with much drying length, but the lines and the clothes on them are close together, drying your laundry won´t work that well.
  • How big is the clothes horse when folded? Especially the height can be important at this point – when you want to place it under your bed after it has done its work. Some tower dryers have problems with this and have to be used as a shelve when not needed.
  • Mouth to mouth: What do other costumers think of the product? Do they have significant bad experiences or can they recommend this model. Of course you should not rely to much on opinions, but it can be a big help. Also having a look at the drying rack bestsellers can help.
  • And last but not least: The Warranty. From 3 years to even lifetime warranty for some clothes drying rack manufacturers you are good to go.