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Boot Drying Rack for Sale

Boot Drying Rack – Innovations

Want to dry something but not sure how? We help you out. Get the best and cheapest Boot Drying Rack for your home. They will also help you to dry your gloves or hats, especially if a fan is included. Have fun drying and finding the best drying rack for your needs!

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Green Glove Dryer for Hats, Gloves, Shoes and Mittens (White)

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as of 15. January 2018 10:24 GMT


  • MORE THAN GLOVES - Gloves, Mittens, Hats, Boots, Shoes, and more! The device redirects heat from Central Air vents and uses it to dry all your wet accessories.
  • VERSATILE AND PORTABLE - Works on all floor vents. Whether you're at your home, some else's, a hotel, or at work, you can utilize the Forced Air Register System vents to dry your stuff in a jiffy. At only 1 lb, it's easy to bring with you.
  • "GREEN" FOR A REASON - Since there's nothing to plug in or turn on, the Green Glove Dryer is the most eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for warming and drying wet clothes and accessories. Using the big Dryer uses loads of electricity, and plug-in glove dryers are expensive and inefficient. Why not use the heat source that's already running?
  • SAFE TO USE - Because of the simplicity of Green Glove Dryer, it's ideal for most materials including: Synthetics, Leather, Fleece, Wool, Neoprene, Canvas, Cashmere and other delicate fabrics. Other electronic units can shrink, singe or even become a fire hazard if left on. 100% Child Safe Polypropylene plastic.
  • MADE IN THE USA - Support USA manufacturing, the planet, and dry feet and hands, all at once! Stores in convenient recycled travel bag.

Rack'Em Economy Boot and Glove Dryer

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as of 15. January 2018 10:24 GMT


  • Boot and glove dryer for home and travel
  • Place over home or hotel forced-air heating vent
  • When furnace fan turns on, warm air quickly and gently dries
  • Converts from home use to hotel use
  • Lightweight unit easily fits into suitcase

PEET Dryer - Original 2-Shoe Electric Dryer, Black

9 new from $ 32.00
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as of 15. January 2018 10:24 GMT


  • NEUTRALIZES ODORS CAUSED BY PERSPIRATION AND BACTERIA: Beyond neutralizing odors, our product is also designed to remove contaminants like viruses and mold that can cause skin irritation and deterioration of materials.
  • 2 PATENTED PEET DRYPORTS CIRCULATE AIR FOR THOROUGH DRYING: Comes with 2 Footwear DryPorts to accommodate the drying needs of 1 pairs of footwear.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL TYPES OF MATERIALS: Carefully engineered to safely and effectively dry leather, PVC, rubber, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, cloth, fleece, felt, micro and all modern fabrics while further helping extend the life of your footwear and gear.
  • 25 YEAR WARRANTY: We don't just build products that solve problems; we build quality products designed to last. We are confident in our product and offer you the PEET Dry Factory Warranty. Simply register your product within 10 days of your current or future purchase to take advantage of this benefit.
  • SAFE, SILENT OPERATION: For your convenience, this product is made to operate without making a sound. To test, place your gear on the dryer before you go to bed and check for any dampness in the morning. Your shoes or gear should be perfectly dry and ready to accompany you on the adventures ahead.

Dr. Dry Portable Electric Shoe Drying Rack, Dries and Dehumidifies Shoes, Boots, Gloves and More.

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as of 15. January 2018 10:24 GMT


  • DRIES, DEHUMIDIFIES, AND SANITIZES. In just a couple of hours (3-4) this will completely dry your shoe, boot or glove. (Very wet shoes will take longer.)
  • SILENT AND EFFICIENT. Quiet operation and low energy consumption, make this a perfect fit for any home.
  • FITS 2 PAIRS OF SHOES. Four sections for multiple items. You can easily fit 2 pairs of shoes or 2 shoes and a helmet etc. etc.
  • PORTABLE. Specially designed to take up very little space and can be taken apart for easy storage.
  • UL CERTIFIED. Rest assured with the safety of UL certification and a 2 year warranty.

Rack'Em 4 Pair Boot Rack

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as of 15. January 2018 10:24 GMT


  • Speed drying
  • Create a place for every boot and glove
  • Stop clutter
  • Stainless steel
  • Holds all sizes and styles

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Buying a Boot Drying Rack – What do I have to pay attention for?

To get exactly the drying rack you need, we made a list. Just obey these simple steps for your Boot Drying Rack:

  • a fan can come in handy to dry shoes quicker
  • Watch out for the dimensions of the Rack when folded together. Does it still fit where you want to put it then?
  • The most important value is the drying length combined with the distance of the rods. The Letter should be higher so the things you wanna dry is not so close to each other.
  • If you want to move your rack often, rolls are a good idea. Otherwise it should be lightweight.
  • Often you have to choose between plastic or steel material when buying a Drying Rack. Steel is lighter, whereas plastic is more likely to break.

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So you see, it is not that hard to find your Clothes Drying Rack. The only thing left to you is to hang your things on your Boot Drying Rack!