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The best Add-ons for Your Laundry Equipment

laundry add-ons equipmentA drying rack or a dryer can be found in every household. But the best drying rack is worth nothing without good equipment. Have you heard of sweater drying racks, laundry folders or Cap Washers? We show you nice little gadgets that help you to launder quick and clean.

Sweater Drying Rack

OXO Good Grips Dryer

Click here for more info on the OXO Good Grips Dryer

Some delicates, woolen sweaters or silk can get wrinkled easily. For that reason flat drying rackls have been invented. The OXO Good Grips Folding Sweater Drying Rack is made just for flat out drying. Here you get more info.

Some even have several tiers or you can hang them over the door to save space. Flat drying racks do not have to be of metal, as they only have to carry one or two items and you can get a more lightweight one.

Laundry Folder

BoxLegend Clothes Folder

Click here for more info on the BoxLegend Clothes Folder

If you don’t want to waste time on folding your items, get a Laundry Folder. Mostly they consist of plastic and they should definetely have some holes on the surface to prevent your laundry items to stick to it. The BoxLegend is perfect not just for T-Shirts, but also swaeters and such. Here you get more info on the BoxLegend Clothes/T Shirt Folder.

Cap Washer

Ballcap Buddy Cap Washer

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A Cap is more than just a hat. With your favourite team or brand logo on it, it deserves the best treatment. If you want to machine wash it, just use this cap washer to protect it from wrinkles.

Bra Wash Bag

Bra Washing Bags

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A Bra Wash Bag is not just a nice idea to protect your lingery: It also protexts your washing machine. Because the little metal parts of many bras can also destroy your machine. Here you get more info on bra washing bags.

Other little items like special Contour Spray Bottles are optional, but also a good help. Now it’s on you to launder!