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Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack

Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack

Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack

Drying Performance






            • - Design
            • - Durable Bamboo
            • - Lightweight
            • - Protecting Environment


            • - Price-Performance could be better
            • - Relatively small drying length
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            Rumble in the Jungle – A Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack

            Household Essentials released this very elegant Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack. Optically and in terms of taking care of the environment it is a win in every household – but what about practically? Let´s have a look!

            Dimensions & Data

            Dimensions:Height : inches
            height Expanded:42 inches
            width:29 inches
            length:12 inches
            Weight:3.5 pounds
            Item Model Number:6524
            Drying length:25 feet

            The Drying Performance

            25 feet of drying length are not that much – but ok for 1 washing load.
            11 rods are enough to distribute your laundry in several parts to dry fast enough. And on top, the rods are close together so you can lay out your sweaters there. And because of the material, the Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack never gets wet itself or rusts – which is a big advantage. Costumers have reported using it every day for years after beeing in the salty ocean for their towels – and the Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack would be still as new. Other costumers said it would mold – but the risk is low. More information on that issue for the bamboo rack can be found here.

            Mounting and folding the thing

            To mount it, you do not have be a bamboo ninja. But is not easy to hold everything together when attaching the upper rod, when you are a klutz.

            As you can see, you save much place when folding it:

            Also folding is a bit tricky but with a bit practice it is totally easy. All in all, it hangs on the upper rod with a simple mechanism:
            rods mounting Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack

            Perfect: This is simple and there is not much to explain:)

            And why folding, when this Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack looks so nice and is a good decoration for your home?

            Stability & Flexibility

            The Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack just weighs 3.5 pounds, which makes it easy to transport.
            When mounted and hanged, this clothes horse remains stable, thanks to the X-Frame. A pros pros stable – bamboo is also used for builing houses, so don´t mind this guy breaking into parts.

            Conclusion: The Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack

            This drying rack is not just optically a hit, also practically, because it is easy to fold and unfold and should not mold. It stands stable for years, as it is built of bamboo. A small malus is the short drying length, but that is a trade-off for the space saving architecture.
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