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Badoogi BDP-V12 Drying Rack

Badoogi BDP-V12

Badoogi BDP-V12

Drying Performance






            • - Rollable
            • - Small Items Holder
            • - Dries very much
            • - Halveable


            • - Sock clips hold items quite unsecure
            • - Shoes shelf not well thought over
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            The Badoogi BDP-V12 Drying Rack

            This is the bigger version of the smaller Badoogi BDE-V12. At first we´ll have a glance at the specifications of this bestseller:

            Dimensions & Data

            Dimensions:height:58 inches
            width:34.5 inches
            depth:25 inches
            Weight:8.6 pounds
            Item Model Number:BDP-V12

            Drying Performance of the Badoogi BDP-V12

            The 24 single rods, stainless steel, are not too tight together, so drying will be more efficient even though there are less rods then when they would be closer together.
            The Badoogi BDP-V12 is said to hold „180 laundry pieces“, which is overdriven of course… But you can hang much on it.
            The double base bars for shoes are a nice idea. But drying shoes would be more efficient when you could dry them upside down like with the honey-can-do-dry.
            The clips for socks help sparing space for the rest of the laundry.
            When you want to set the Badoogi BDP-V12 next to a wall, you can halve it quite easily, so it needs less space.


            First to the shelves of the Badoogi BDP-V12: These are of valuable steel and don´t bend when you hang your laundry on them.
            Quantitatively you make a win with the wheels: There are 8 of it. But they are as sheep as other drying rack wheels. They should do theiy job nevertheless.
            Questionable are the sock clips: They do not hold the socks that reliable, so be careful when rolling the Badoogi BDP-V12. Click here for more info.

            Further Features

            The Badoogi BDP-V12 is very flexible, since you can hang, dry on hangers or dry flat. Also, the shelves are adjustable to all heights you can think of.

            Furthermore the Badoogi BDP-V12 has side wings to hang coat hangers on it. Up to 4 on every of both sides have space, but less is advisable.
            Also the mentioned 8 wheels and sock clips are a nice idea, although they are not of the best quality/execution.

            Need new wheels or base stands? This is the direct link to the replacement part for the stands.

            Conclusion: The Badoogi BDP-V12

            Not just for delicates: The Badoogi BDP-V12 can carry much more. Also it is quite flexible, as you can roll it, halve it and adjust the height of the shelves freely. The medium quality of the wheels and the stands is outweighted by the stable steel rods. All in all, this drying rack is worth it´s money and good when you want to dry much efficently – Don´t expact costumer service though, as this is a clothes horse from Korea…
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