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Avanti 110-Volt Automatic Dryer

Avanti 110-Volt Automatic Dryer

Avanti 110-Volt Automatic Dryer

Drying Performance






            • - Nice Price
            • - Lightweight


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              Italian-fast: Avanti 110-Volt Automatic Dryer

              As usual, this dryer has a front door with glass so you can watch the laundry getting dry:)

              Dimensions & Data

              17.2 x 23.8 x 27.5 inches
              Weight:45 pounds
              Item Model Number:D110-1IS
              Access Location:front load

              Portable Dryer

              This tumble dryer can be mounted at the wall – practicall when you don´t want it to stand heavy on your washing machine. As it is very lightweight, it can be easily held by the wall. Click here for mounting info on the Avanti dryer.

              Drying Performance

              It dries not as quick as models of established brands, but in a reasonable time frame.
              As it is a bit slower, you shouldn´t pack it with too many clothes or a bunch of jeans or something, because then your laundry will need long to get dry. You are better to go with 2 stages then.
              It does not have an alarm, so when it is ready your not reminded. But it cools down after finishing to keep your clothes winkle-free.
              Take care of the Heat!


              For the small money, the Avanti 110-Volt Automatic Dryer is a good choice.
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